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DSC_0018Interested in audition at SFA for undergraduate percussion studies in music performance or education? Here are some helpful links and some information on all of the programs:




Apply for an audition at: https://artforms.sfasu.edu/music/apply/


Percussionists are encouraged, but not required, to do a private audition with Dr. Meyer since the larger “all-day” music auditions involving all of the other instrumentalists only allow for a few minutes to audition. Dr. Meyer will work to find a date and time that is convenient for everyone. In private auditions, students will perform their chosen solos, sight-read on snare drum and mallets, play several major scales (2 octaves), and have a 10-15 minute discussion at the end about how the audition went and what the scholarship situation is at that time. In total, the whole audition should only take 25-35 minutes.



Then, please visit the SFA School of Music’s websites:

“Audition Dates and Scholarship Information”

“Audition Preparation”

“Transfer Student Information”



Some students have questions in regards to what they should perform for their audition. The minimum a student should prepare to play is a snare drum solo and a mallet solo. However, students are encouraged to perform more than the minimum. A well-rounded audition generally consists of a snare drum solo, timpani solo, and 4-mallet marimba solo. Auditionees are welcome to also prepare solos on vibraphone, xylophone, multi-percussion, drumset, marching percussion, and any other instrument he or she feels shows off his or her musical strengths. Any solo on any of the previously mentioned instruments is acceptable, including all-state/all-region solos.


If you are in search of pieces of music to audition with, please check out our Undergraduate/Graduate Repertoire List. This list is just a reference, and any solo on or off the list is acceptable to play for your audition. The Undergraduate/Graduate Repertoire List is what we use when choosing pieces to play for lessons and recitals.


Feel free to contact Dr. Meyer with any questions or concerns you have about the audition process or the percussion program at: meyerbe@sfasu.edu