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Percussion Ensemble Concert (4/18/16)


  • Amen by Elliot Cole (premiere performance)
  • Flow by Ivan Trevino (Dr. Josh Armstrong, soloist)
  • Signals Intelligence by Christopher Adler
  • Overkill by Andy Harnsberger
  • The Dreamers of Dreams by Nathan Daughtrey

Steel Band Concert (4/24/16)


  • Soca Pressure by Mighty Sparrow
  • Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars
  • Take on Me by A-Ha!
  • Iko Iko by James Crawford
  • Inspector 8 by The Ernies
  • Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffett
  • Jump in the Line by De Leon, Bell, Oller, and Samuel
  • Happy by Pharrell Williams
  • Daine Brammage by Tracy Thornton

John Tadlock’s Senior Percussion Recital (4/17/16)

  • Seven to Queens by Andrew Beall
  • Catching Shadows by Ivan Trevino (Chris Williamson, marimba)
  • Wicca by Casey Cangelosi
  • Stop Speaking by Andy Akiho
  • Unconditional… by Nathan Daughtrey
  • Ultimatum I by Nebojsa Zivkovic

Jeff O’Rear’s Masters Recital #2 (4/14/16)

  • “Grotesque Visage” from Brad Meyer’s Seven Images for Solo Concert Snare Drum
  • Animism by Stephen Ridley
  • “Mistreated Mistress” from Brad Meyer’s Seven Images for Solo Concert Snare Drum
  • Side by Side by Michio Kitasume
  • “Intersecting Lines” from Brad Meyer’s Seven Images for Solo Concert Snare Drum
  • Boboland by Kevin Bobo

Omega Machina by Chance Moore

Flow by Ivan Trevino

Dr. Meyer, soloist; accompanied by Shannon Lynch, Trevor McCulley, and Brackeen D’Angelo

Jeff O’Rear’s Masters Recital (12/12/15)

  • Alter Ego by Pat Jacobs
  • Concerto for Marimba & Orchestra, mvt’s III + I by G. Bradley Bodine
  • Raga No. 1 by William Cahn (not recorded do to technical difficulties)
  • To the Earth by Fredric Rzewski
  • Eight on 3 and Nine on 2 by Robert Marino

John Tadlock’s Senior Recital (12/6/15)

  • Asventuras by Alex Gerassimez
  • The Process of Invention by Christopher Deane
  • Bushido: The Way of the Warrior
    • Jin (Benevolence)
    • Meiyo (Honor and Glory)
    • Yu (Bravery & Heroism)
  • Mourning Dove Sonnet by Christopher Deane
  • Eight on 3 and Nine on 2  (w/ Jeff O’Rear) by Robert Marino

Percussion in the Pines (12/2/15)

Percussion Ensemble:

  • Deck the Halls
  • The Christmas Song
  • Sleight Ride
  • Silent Night
  • O Holy Night
  • The Twelve Days of Christmas

Steel Band:

  • Limbojump
  • London is the Place for Me
  • La Samba
  • Omphalo Centric Lecture
  • Samba el Gato
  • Ray’s Medley
  • Sunset
  • Greensleeves
  • Pan Christmas

Percussion Ensemble Concert (11/4/15)

  • From In Contact by David Skidmore
  • Catching Shadows by Ivan Trevino
  • Shadow Chasers by Michael Burritt (Keith Lloyd, soloist)
  • Escape Velocity by Dave Hall
  • Cyclone by Jim Casella

Passageways by Baljinder Singh Sekhon, II

performed by Dr. Meyer and the SFA Percussion Ensemble

Dr. Meyer’s Solo Faculty Recital (8/31/15)

“Hold Fast” by Ivan Trevino (premiere performance)

“Burrit Variations” by Alejandro Vinao

“Composition Machine No. 1” by Mark Applebaum (premiere)

“Aphasia” by Mark Applebaum

“Hummingbrrd” by Steven Bryant, arr. Brad Meyer (world premiere)