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Here are videos from recent and past performances of members and ensembles of the SFA Percussion Studio. You can watch concerts LIVE at SFA’s UStream (http://www.music.sfasu.edu/stream.php)


Jonathan Gaedchens’s Senior Percussion Recital (4/28/13)

– “Mourning Dove Sonnet” by Christopher Deane

– “Eight Pieces for Four Timpani” by Elliott Carter – mvt’s VIII (March) and V (Improvisation)

– “An Extraordinary Correspondence” by Nathan Daughtrey

– “Character No. 2” by Casey Cangelosi



Laura Wright’s Senior Percussion Recital (4/27/13)

– “Sleight of Hand” by Scott Ward

– “Infernal Machines” by Bryce Biffle

– “Five Ages”  by Greg Danner

– “Warhammer” by Daniel McCarthy



Spring ’13 – Convocation (4/24/13)

Gandrung by Bill Alves



Spring ’13 – Dr. Meyer’s Faculty Recital (4/19/13)

 Born to be Wild by Steppenwolf, arr. David Lang


The Koln Concert, part II c by Keith Jarrett, trans. Manuel Baruecco


VIII. March from Elliott Carter’s Eight Pieces: for Four Timpani


Blues for Gilbert by Mark Glentworth


Dis Qui Etude by Christopher Deane


“9” from Jacques Delecluse’s Douze Etudes: pour Caisse-Claire”


March by Joseph Tompkins



Spring ’13 – Percussion Ensemble Concert (4/18/13)

Purdy’s Maze by Brian Nozny


Ice Dance by Anders Astrand


Rothiemurchus by Brad Meyer


Trio for Ogun by N. Scott Robinson


Your Three Favorite Colors by Brad Meyer



Spring ’13 – Convocation (4/3/14)

“Pathways of Light” by Chelsea Williamson (SFA Composition Student)

performed by Juwan Blanton (perc.), Robert Palermo (sax), and Melanie Settle (perc.)



Spring ’13 –  Steel Band Concert



Spring ’13 – Winners of the SFA Orchestra of the Pines “Student Concerto Competition”

John Tadlock (Freshman) performing Keiko Abe’s “Prism Rhapsody”



Spring ’13 – Convocations (3/6/13)

Jonathan Gaedchens (Senior, marimba) and Brittany Barker (Senior, flute) performing Nathan Daughtrey’s “An Extraordinary Correspondence…”


Nick Kelley (Junior) performing James Campbell’s “Garage Drummer”



Spring ’13 – Dr. Gavin’s (French Horn) recital w/ Dr. Meyer

Howard Buss’s “Night Tide”



Spring ’13 – Dr. Meyer’s Faculty Recital

“Seven to Queens” by Andrew Beall


“The Frame Problem” by James Romig


“Tajin” by James Campbell


“Libertango: variations for marimba” by Eric Sammut


“Two Bagatelles for Solo Vibraphone” by Joseph Pastor


“Hall of the White Giant” by Stephen Lias



Fall ’12 – Percussion in the Pines Concert

SFA Steel Band “The Jacks of Steel”


SFA Percussion Ensemble



Fall ’12 – Percussion Ensemble Concert:

“The Manes Scroll” by Christopher Deane

“Terra-Cotta Warriors” by James Campbell

“Parallel Isometry” by Christopher Deane

“Metroplex Drive” by Anders Astrand

“Fanfare for the Return of Shadow” by Brett William Dietz

“Doors” by Dave Hall