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Percussion Ensemble Concert (4/30/14)

“Trio per Uno” by Nebojsa Zivkovic

“Suite for Percussion” by William Kraft

“Palmetto Moon” by Andy Harnsberger (John Tadlock, soloist)

“Stubernic” by Mark Ford

“Doppleganger” by Brian S. Mason


Juwan Blanton’s Senior Recital (4/5/14)

“Bushido: The Way of the Warrior” by John Wilmarth

“Konzertstuck for Snare Drum and Orchestra” by Askell Masson

“Thoughts for Flute and Vibraphone” by Neil DePonte

“Hangar 84” by Paul Bissell

“Four” by Miles Davis

“Black Orpheus” by Luiz Bonfa


“In C” in the Trees (4/5/14)

Nathan Poteet’s Senior Percussion Recital (3/30/14)

“Symphonic Dances for Solo Snare Drum” by James Campbell

“Travel Diary for Two Percussionists,” mvt’s I and II by Paul Lansky

“VIII. March” from “Eight Pieces for Four Timpani” by Elliot Carter

“Rattle and Hum” by Casey Cangelosi



SFA Steel Band’s Spring 2014 Concert (3/28/14)



“Percussion in the Pines” Holiday Concert (12/3/13)

Steel Band


Percussion Ensemble




Nick Kelley’s Senior Recital (11/24/13)

“Blade” by Benjamin Finley


“Claire de Lune” by Claude Debussy, arr. Seth Miller


“Cameleon” by Eric Sammut


“Fabian Theory” by Nigel Westlake


“Meditation no. 1” by Casey Cangelosi


“Tangents” by James Campbell



Percussion Ensemble Concert (11/7/13)

Dark Flight by James Campbell


Contrails by Joshua D. Smith


Blue Burn by Joseph Tompkins


Garage Drummer by James Campbell (feat. Juwan Blanton)


Tri-Takt by Matt Chilmaid


Coniferous Contemplation by Brad Meyer


Postludes 3, 4, 8 by Elliot Cole