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Current members of the Stephen F. Austin State University Percussion Studio (SFAPS):



JEFF O’REAR (graduate student)

from Dekalb High School (Waterloo, IN)

“I hold a Bachelor of Music from Ball State University where I studied with Erwin Mueller and Braham Dembar. After receiving my Masters from SFA, I plan to continue studying percussion by getting my Doctorate.”







photoJONATHAN AVILES (senior)

from Ross S. Sterling High School

“I am the Operations Manager for the Lumberjack Marching Band. Also, I am a senior music education major with aspiration sot become a band director in the great state of Texas!. I currently teach percussion to 6-12 graders at Central High School in Pollock, TX.”








from Wylie East High School

“I’m a student who loves to play and learn about music. I love to listen to contemporary music!”









ELI GARZA (freshman)

from Clear Brook High School

“I am a hardworking musician who aspires to be one of the best. I love my family.”










from Cedar Ridge High School

“The marimba is my favorite instrument. I live to make new friends, and I have been in percussion since the 6th grade.”










from Alvin High School

“I love watching ridiculous movies. I enjoying playing marimba. My goal is to become a percussion director and to give back to my hometown music programs.”









BARRY MARTIN (freshman)

from Arp High School

“I started studying percussion in 6th grade, but piano was the first instrument I learned. As of now, I am at the jazz pianist for the Swingin’ Axes, cymbal player in the LMB, and of a course a percussionist in the studio. I am completely in love with music to the point that I want to learn as much as I can about it until my final breath.”







from Lufkin High School

“I enjoy playing many different musical instruments, watching documentaries, long boarding, and hanging out with friends and family. I am extremely blessed with musical talents, and it is my goal to glorify God with my playing in any way possible.”








DANIEL MUNSON (sophomore)

from Livingston High School

“I am a music education major. I play tenors in the LMB, and I aspire to one day be a music minister.”









NICK KELLEY (5th-year senior)

from Lufkin High School

“I hope to teach one day in the DFW area. I love playing and also arranging marching band shows!”










from Klein Collins High School

“I am a passionate and hardworking percussionist who loves educating and performing. I am the percussion instructor at Central Heights High School and I teach all areas of percussion. Drumline is my favorite activity, and I constantly strive to be the best I can possibly be.”









from Nacogdoches High School

“I’m cool, I’m cool, I’m cool, I’m cool. I am a drummer for the SFA Jazz Band and Steel Band. I love drums. I am also a beloved San Antonio Spurs and Minnesota Vikings fan. GO JACKS!!”









JUWAN BLANTON (5th-year senior)

from Lufkin High School

“I enjoying performing music for people. I love to eat and sleep. I plan on pursuing my Masters in Percussion Performance after I graduate from SFA.”









MATT CORONADO (freshman)

from Cypress Ranch High School

“I’m a really easy-going guy who just loves to jam and work with other musicians. I’m primarily a drum set player who is very open to different styles of music. I’m also an SRT major and excited to learn more about percussion and music this year!”









from Desoto High School

“My favorite color is blue. I’m proudly a huge Lakers fan. I like to go surfing whenever I’m in California.”











from Clear Falls High School

“I am a music education major. I love God, my family, friends, and music. I am enjoying the community at SFA. There are so many musical opportunities and many other organizations that you can join outside of the School of Music. I love all the opportunities!”








from Spring Hill High School

“I am a music education major. I grew up in Longview, TX, and have been studying percussion for nine years.”








KATY PLEAKE (freshman)

from Crandall High School

“I love playing music and writing fiction. I love cats.”









AARON MCCOMMAS (sophomore)

from Kingwood Park High School

“I am a young, Christian man, studying the art of percussion. I intend to teach percussion at the high school level. Currently, I am the percussion assistant at Hudson High School. I love working with high school students!”









from Bandera High School

“I am a person who enjoys improving in everything I do. Therefore, I’ve done a lot of thing in my small past, like theatre, band, soccer, basketball, tennis, and track. I enjoy bettering myself and being a positive light for people.”








ROGER RAMIREZ (freshman)

from New Caney High School

“I am a composition major. I enjoy writing differenting styles of music almost as much as I enjoy playing different styles of music. I love owls.”









from Cypress Lakes High School

“This is my first year at SFA, and in my time being here, I have become eminently enthusiastic about music. Regardless that my main focus at SFA is health education, I am proud to be a part of this music program.”








ZAK WYLIE (sophomore)

from Keller High School

“I an an SRT major, specializing in EDM production and recording. My primary instrument is drum set and I have seven years of live/studio performance experience.”








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