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Here are videos from recent and past performances of members and ensembles of the SFA Percussion Studio. You can watch concerts LIVE at SFA’s UStream (http://www.music.sfasu.edu/stream.php)



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Micah Guajardo’s Senior Recital (12/9/17)

Three Moves for Marimba, I. Hop(2) by Paul Lansky
Mistreated Mistress by Brad Meyer
Bodhran Dance by B. Michael Williams
Red by Marc Mellits
Seven to Queens by Andrew Beall


Daniel Munson’s Senior Recital (12/8/17)

Sleight of and Evil Hand by Casey Cangelosi
Afwa Yuovu by Robert Zolnowski
Garage Drummer by James Campbell
Symplegades by Leander Kaiser
Fractalia by Owen Clayton Condon



Brandi Hurst’s Senior Recital (12/2/17)


Dance of the Butterfly by Claudio Santangelo
The Midnight Zone by Roger Ramirez
Bushido: The Way of the Warrior by John Wilmarth
Electric Thoughts by Ivan Trevino
Swerve by Gene Koshinski



SFA Percussion Ensemble – Fall ’17


Musique De Table by Thierry De Mey
Gravity by Marc Mellits
Aqua Vitae by Stephen Gorbos
Kyoto by John Psathas
Six Marimbas by Steve Reich
Fractalia by Owen Clayton Condon


Sophia Lee’s Junior Recital (10/22/17)


Encantada by Nathan Daughtrey

“8” from Jacques Delecluse’s Douze Etudes

Undertale Variations by Toby Fox

Platos Cave by Case Cangelosi



Malcolm Jackson’s Masters Recital (10/4/17)


Lullaby for Solo Marimba by Malcolm Jackson

Wayward Fortune by Malcolm Jackson

Distance and Space by Malcolm Jackson

“Relaxed – Stroll” from Thoughts When I Think Of… Summer


“I Wish…” from Thoughts When I Think Of… Summer

“Smoke and Still”

“Late Night Cruise” from Thoughts When I Think Of… Summer