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Here are videos from recent and past performances of members and ensembles of the SFA Percussion Studio. You can watch concerts LIVE at SFA’s UStream (http://www.music.sfasu.edu/stream.php)





– 2013-2014

– 2012-2013


Tesseract by Fransisco Perez



The Taos Hum by Steven Snowden



Pulsar by Francisco Perez



Ojibwa Song by Alexis Bacon



Aaron McCommas’s Senior Recital (12/11/16)

  • Summer Treehouse by Chad Floyd
  • Clapping Music by Steve Reich (with John Tadlock)
  • Lonely City Suite by Jason Baker
  • 2+1 by Ivan Trevino (with Brandi Hurst)
  • Alcobaca Suite by Kevin Erickson


Percussion in the Pines Concert (11/30/16)



Percussion Ensemble Concert (11/7/16)


  • Power Struggle by Nathan Daughtrey
  • Conservatory Garden by Daniel Levitan
  • Night Hunter by James Campbell
  • In Contact by David Skidmore
    I. 4 chinese toms
    II. 4 graduated metal pipes, 4 brake drums
    III. pipes, brake drums, toms, bass drums
  • Promise Music by Clif Walker