Percussion lessons at Centre College are individually tailored to each student based on his/her musical ability. All ages and skill levels are welcome as long as you are a registered Centre College student. Each student will receive eight 45 minute lessons and one 30 minute lesson throughout the semester.


CCPS is equipped with a vast array of instruments including:  

  1. Drumset: jazz, rock, afro-cuban, etc.
  2. Snare drum
  3. Timpani
  4. Glockenspiel
  5. Xylophone
  6. Vibraphone
  7. 2-mallet and 4-mallet marimba
  8. Accessory percussion
  9. Marching Percussion: snare drum, tenors, bass drum, cymbals, and front ensemble instruments
  10. Ethnic/world percussion: congas, djembe, bongos, mbira, bodhran (hand and tipper styles)

    End of semester performance – Spring ’12
    End of semester performances – Fall ’11